Monday, December 26, 2011

Movie "Margin Call", Recommendation, the Thinly Veiled description of the last two days of Lehman.

From Bud Burrell who has spent his life in and out of wall Street. Aivars Lode

I wouldn’t call this movie “enjoyable”, but it is technically accurate.  If you have ever used or needed Wall Street, you will see the story of how a firm was sacrificed for its own crimes.

The characterizations are memorable, and the movie demonstrates the power of using a “Fictional” premise to tell a real story without contingent liabilities.

In many ways, this may be the most effective way to tell these stories, far superior to most documentaries, and generally more economic than doc’s.

Some of the casting choices are both surprising and outstanding, including Simon Baker as the velvet axe wielder with a very hard edge.  I would never have thought to cast him in that role, but he is very good.

They get the culture right between the eyes. 

It is a shame that the FBI didn’t get Lehman when they had them in 1989.

Best, Bud.

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