Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Smartest Guys I Know Are Moving… Should You, Too?

I have commented for more than 5 years that new infrastructure does not remain empty forever, it is the old stuff that empties. Now because of tax reasons, individuals are moving from old infrastructure to new. Remember the build out that occurred in Florida during the late 2000’s it is now being filled up. Aivars Lode
Last week, I learned four different friends are doing something that will save each of them tens of thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of dollars each year.

They're moving…

And they're not the only ones. Many of the smartest guys I know are moving this year.

They're not just thinking about moving… They're not saying "maybe someday"… They are doing it right now.

The reason why is the amazing part, as you'll see. And it might make sense for you to consider moving, too. Let me explain…

I spoke with a friend on the phone last week… "What are you doing in Washington state?" I asked him.

"I'm moving here," he said. "I love California. But moving to Washington state saves me $133,000 a year in state taxes on every $1 million I earn."

This is not just a millionaire thing…

In Oregon, for example, if you make more than $7,750 in a year, your state-income-tax rate is 9%. (If you make more than $125,000, it is 10.8%).

Just this weekend, a friend of mine from Oregon came to visit me in Florida. He had a busy schedule – with realtors.

He and his wife are planning to leave Oregon. They may move to Washington state or to Florida. They actually have very few ties to Florida, but the state-income-tax rate is zero. It would be like getting a 10%-plus raise.

State governors don't believe that people move out of states for tax reasons. But they do! Maryland's governor learned this the hard way…

In 2008, roughly 3,000 people in Maryland had incomes over $1 million. To bring in more money, Maryland's governor created a "millionaire's tax bracket." One year later, it brought in less money… because one-third of the millionaires disappeared from Maryland's tax rolls. (The full story is here.)

It looks like California is about to learn the same lesson. California's government raised its highest tax rate to 13.3% for 2013. The state thinks this approach will bring in more money. But judging by my friends, it looks like it's going to backfire…

We've finally hit the point where people are crying "uncle." Everyone – from ballplayers to Hollywood types – are realizing that getting a new mailbox (so to speak) in a state that doesn't levy state-income taxes will save them $133,000 on every $1 million they earn.

Governor Rick Perry is inviting Californians to his no-income-tax state of Texas… He took out a radio ad in California, which seems to have irritated the heck out of California's Governor Jerry Brown. (You can check out the story here.)

Brown's point is, "Why would anyone want to leave California to go to Texas?" The answer is, simply, taxes.

The smartest guys I know are moving. It's not because they want to… It's because their states are forcing them to, through high state-income taxes.

It might make sense for you to get a new mailbox, too… and save yourself $10,000 or more a year because of it.

It's not a bad deal, if you can swing it.

Move to a place like sunny Florida or Washington state… and get a big raise. Do the math, and maybe you'll end up following my friends' leads.

Good investing,