Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa doesn't believe Al Gore. Here's why.

From Bud thanks Merry Christmas happy holidays to you all. Aivars Lode

Have a look at these photos of the Northern Hemisphere snow cover:

The light grey is snow cover, the white is permanent glacial ice, and the shades of purple to orange and yellow are the sea ice. Note that Santa will have to come across a vast stretch of frozen ground before he reaches us. Canada and Russia are almost completely frozen, as are Norway and Sweden. The Northern Hemisphere snow cover is extensive again this year. Santa's only hope of avoiding these vast manifestations of our COLD winter is to come south across the North Pacific or North Atlantic. Merry Christmas to all!

What say we have Congress require that the next UN IPCC Climate junket (our tax dollars at work) be held at the pole at year end, versus some trendy/spendy beach resort in the summer? Half of Congress typically goes to these events (Nancy Pelosi, Obama and all), and this might be a good first step to inspire voluntary cost cutting. We could even offer host it at our old military base at Tule, Greenland, which is, at present, a balmy -20 F (wind chill of -45 F) as a gesture to promote Global Governance.



P.S. No, I don’t know if the sea ice extends to where the Titanic went down, but it’s close.

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