Thursday, July 14, 2011

CVS, Wal-Mart join Winn-Dixie in offering gas discount programs

yep you guessed it about 15 years ago we saw this in Aussie.

Aivars Lode

CVS, Wal-Mart join Winn-Dixie in offering gas discount programs

Submitted by David Bauerlein on July 12, 2011 - 3:28pm The Consumer Advocate
While driving to work, I noticed a message on a CVS Pharmacy sign about how shoppers can get $10 of free gas.
Here's how it works. CVS customers who have an ExtraCare card will get a coupon for $10 of free gas at the checkout counter if they buy at least $30 worth of "qualifying products." That means you cannot get the discount for buying anything in the store for a total of at least $30. They to be products identified in the store with a logo for the gas program. For information, go to CVS web site.
Walmart also has rolled out its own program to cut the cost of gas at select Murphy USA and Walmart stations. In Florida, customers who pay with a Walmart credit card will get a 10-cent per gallon rebate on their credit card statements. Pay with a Walmart gift card and you'll get a 5-cent discount at the pump, and pay with a Walmart MoneyCard and also get a 5-cent discount.
Find the lowest gas prices in the Jacksonville area
In Jacksonville, the participating gas stations are at Walmart locations at 6830 Normandy Blvd., 8808 Beach Blvd., 4250 Philips Highway, and 11900 Atlantic Boulevard.
The Walmart discount program will run through Sept. 30.
Andrea Woroch, who has a blog with tips for consumers, suggests people can increase their savings by purchasing Walmart gift cards from one of the online resellers of gift cards. If you can get a Walmart gift card from a reseller for 5 to 10 percent off the face value, that will generate some nice savings when coupled with the discount at the pump. Type in "gift card exchange" on a search engine such as and you'll find lots of places that buy and sell gift cards.
Woroch said Kellog's also is offering a $10 gas card for people who clip and mail in 10 UPCs from cereal boxes. That program runs through the end of the year.
Winn-Dixie's Fuelperks program also is a way to save money on gas. It's been around for awhile, before gas prices soared. For each $50 amount spent at a Winn-Dixie, you'll be able to get a 5-cent per gallon discount on gas at a participating station. For people who shop regularly at Winn-Dixie, that will really add up to a healthy discount at the pump. Enrollment is free, but you'll need to be sure you have a Winn-Dixie card that can keep track of your purchases and provide the discount at the gas station

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