Saturday, May 28, 2011

An interesting perspective on Food Fuel and other commodities

Interesting commentary thanks Rob

Aivars Lode

1) There is plenty of evidence of climate change. In fact there is zero evidence that the climate is, has been, or ever will be static. There is also zero evidence that man's use of fossil fuels has a damn thing to do with it.
1a) There is a current mercury scare about coal fired electric generation plants. But human cremation puts more mercury in the atmosphere than all the coal fired plants in the world combined. Mercury is a naturally occurring material.
2) The climate is getting cooler and the climate is getting hotter - it just depends what starting point you pick.
3) Every time we think we have peak oil the price goes up or we discover new fields or we figure out new technology.
4) Any oil curve MUST include two dimensions besides time and quantity used. You have to plot price and governmental regulatory friction.
5) The alarmist forget that most oil supply is based on KNOWN reserves. We have no idea what we do not know.
Rumsfeld, "There are things we know, there are things we know we don't know, and there are things we don't know we don't know." Anyone stating the they know how much oil is out there does not know what they are talking about. No body has a bloody clue. All we know is as soon as we think we know, we find out we did not know.
4a) It does not follow that a warming climate is worse than a cooling climate.
6) There are vast areas of land that can be farmed for food that are not now. Some because like in California, for fake environmental reasons, we shut off irrigation to flush water into the sea. BTW, let me make this point in one word "the Mississippi."
7) There is no food shortage, There is a price inflation due to limits on oil production causing energy prices to go up. And we are turning food into fuel.
8) Based on this insane and frankly idiotic assessment of climate, food, and energy resources, I would guess he is also insane when it comes to other mined materials. I know for a fact that there are vast rare earths in the USA that are on public lands and politically off limits.

As far as I know the USA is the only country on mother earth that does not use its natural resource. The funny thing is Sweden gives Noble Prizes except the peace prize. That is given by Norway. The Norwegians gave the prize to Al Gore and the IPCC dude because they fight global warming. Either in a world-class case of hypocrisy or clever marketing. Why? Norway is one of the top exporters of crude oil on planet earth. LOL

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