Monday, December 15, 2008

Have a look at this article as an example of crisis that have hit elsewhere in the world at different time

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  1. Hi Aivars:
    Good to see your blog. I was more focussed on the global economy side of things... an occupational hazard with my academic background. I have found it interesting to note that the two hardest hit sectors thus far have dealt with the two areas which for consumers represent their two largest purchases. Mortgages and cars. I still wrestle with the idea that the "Industries" are in crisis though. Rather, I think we are looking at a number of dominant players in the industry who got sloppy / greedy / forgot the fundamentals. Changes the way you look at solving the problem, I think.. if you decide it is individual players in the industry - vs the industry as a whole - that is in crisis. Market demand and capacity. Wilson Pearce