Sunday, May 28, 2017

Interesting Predictions by IDC

I wonder whether these will come true..... Aivars Lode

IDC Futurescape Predictions

Prediction 1: By 2017, 30% of Organizations Will Be Using Tools That Offer Automated Assistance or Assistive Technology to Support Ad Hoc Tasks

Prediction 2: By 2020, 50% of Companies Will Have Consistent and Measurable Customer Experience Strategies in Place to Deliver Business Metrics to Senior Management

Prediction 3: By 2017, 30% of Large Enterprise Organizations Will Be Impacted by Business Model Disruption and Will Be Forced to Make Significant Operational Changes

Prediction 4: By 2020, 30% of All Purchases Will Be Made Through an Online Community

Prediction 5: By 2017, Two out of Five Companies Will Invest in Workforce Optimization Initiatives to Support Employee Tool Preferences

Prediction 6: By 2017, 40% of Companies Will Be Actively "Listening" to Their Employees on Social to Gauge Engagement and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Prediction 7: By 2018, 15% of Organizations Will Go to Just-In-Time Project Staffing Models Tapping Talent Wherever It Is Regardless of Organizational Affiliation

Prediction 8: By the End of 2018, 65% of Support Interactions Will Be Digital and Social/Community Support Will Not Be Called Out as a Separate Function

Prediction 9: By the End of 2016, 50% of Companies Will Have Active Management of Communities and a Focus on Customer Advocacy in the Community

Prediction 10: By 2018, 20% of Businesses Will Rely on Business Networks for Effective Resource Management

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