Monday, March 11, 2013

Samsung takes top spot in China’s Smartphone Market Read More at © Hot Smartphones

Better features, less costs. Samsung gets to a bigger market than Apple. Aivars Lode

China’s smartphone market has long been dominated by Android devices with approximately 86% of all smartphones running the Google owned mobile OS.  Within the Android market, however, there are many different manufacturers which are fighting for sales.  According to the most recent data Samsung has taken the coveted #1 in sales position for the first time.

 Strategy Analytics, which is published by Yonhap, reported that Samsung sales nearly tripled through 2012 bringing their total sales up to 30.06 Million Smartphones.  That is 17.7% of the total market share in the rapidly growing market.   They edged out Lenovo who is now in second place with 13.2% of the market share and Apple who came in with 11% total. 

While Samsung certainly rocketed past the competition, Nokea experienced an equally large decline in sales.  They dropped from a 29.9% share of the market in 2011 down to just 3.7% in 2012!  That is a move from first place all the way down to 7th in total sales for smartphones in China. 

As these phone giants continue to battle for the top position there is an interesting trend which is growing rapidly.  The lower priced phones which are either from ‘other’ cell phone manufacturers or else older smartphones which now sell for a fraction of their original price.  The market for phones which sell for under 1,000RMB ($160) is huge and growing quickly.  2013 is shaping up to be a very interesting year in this rapidly changing market.

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