Thursday, January 19, 2012

Global Warming Heresy, Charts that Graphically Demonstrate the Hoax

For those of you that follow my blog, this won't come as a surprise!

Thanks Bud for the article.

The chart below shows that for most of the earth's 4.5B yr history, the earth has been substantially warmer than it's been on average over the last 10,000 years.

Over the last 10,000 years the facts speak for themselves. (Note the horizontal time line is stretched out on the right hand side of the chart, making the LIA look like it lasted longer in relation to the previous cold periods on the chart.) There is no doubt that warm climates are more conducive to life, growth & advancement and always have been more than earth's cold periods. This is the ultimate irony of the entire global warming hoax.
Such a large portion of the recent data as well as the historical facts has been distorted and falsified that the entire climate alarmism community, (more accurately, virtually the entire environmental community is full of crap. The exceptions, while serious are few. The horrid way in which Texaco / Chevron trashed the environment in large portions of the Ecuadorian rain forest is one good one. Another is the way GE's factories in upstate NY poisoned a large stretch of the Hudson River Valley but dumping PCBS in the river.

The IPCC actually showed the true climate history of the last thousand years in their first report from 1990. Then they realized that the fact of the MWP defeated their entire agenda by showing that we're in no way unusually or dangerously warm. So they changed it with Michael Mann's hockey stick, which is a complete fabrication.  According to them they simply "normalized" the first 900 or so years of this period, and the entire right side where the temps soared is taken from northern hemisphere sources only, and even those figures have been substantially exaggerated.

We may think we're defeating this scam, but we're really not. For the last 3 + years, a mandatory Cap in Trade system has been operating in 10 north eastern states, and to date has cost utility customers in that region alone almost a billion dollars.


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